BAP Image Systems (BAPis) was founded in the year 2000, for the specialized business of high-speed color and grayscale data capture and processing. This hardware and software technology has been used in a variety of mechanical transporters and scanners. End user applications exist in medical, industrial, financial and government domains.

BAPis is due to its long experience one of the best and most qualified technology suppliers of electronics for color and grayscale cameras, basing on high-speed CMOS, CCD and CIS line sensors, as well as area sensors. In addition BAPis develops and produces embedded image processing electronics, basing on DSP and FPGA with own algorithms. The sets of camera together with image processing boards can reach the highest throughput on the market at present. Furthermore BAPis customizes firmware for customer requests and develops device drivers and interfaces for application programs.

Typical application areas of devices manufactured by BAPis cover machine vision systems, embedded automation systems, book scanners for libraries and archives, high speed document scanners for banks, mass book-keeping processing and government domains, automated voting/election systems and other.