LED Light

BAPisā€˜ new LED lamp is a source of strong, homogeneous light. This is useful for lighting a scanning area for fast (e.g. 3m/s paper speed)  linear cameras.
Strong light (about 23,000 lx at a distance of 470mm) ensures scanning of a high quality image and reaches a lighted area with dimensions about 500 x 60mm.  This new lamp bases on Neutral-White LEDs. The white PCB of the newest model and well calculated distances between diodes ensure equal  strength of light at each scanned point.  Special lenses cause a focused light  at a small surface and  that is the reason why light is so strong.
As heat dissipation is done via aluminium PCB the long life of this LED lamp (approximately  lifetime 10,000 hours) is ensured.  Also the power consumption of lamp is low (lamp needs  about 22W), comparing to it's powerful light. Last but not least, the input voltage (12V) is a standard for many products on the  market.