LC7KT - Digital Tri-Linear Color Camera

The electronics of the LC7KT camera are capable of capturing a true 30-bit RGB image stream up to 7500 pixels in width without a Bayer filter mosaic. This allows a high-quality 600 dpi imaging of DIN A3 documents or 1200 dpi for DIN A5 documents without any interpolation.
The unit’s resolution depends upon the optical part of the camera, lighting system, and the camera’s setup parameters. The camera electronics have to be mounted in the customer’s optic system.
The camera is able to scan images with a defined resolution depending upon the active number of pixels. Image quality may be enhanced further using precise and adjustable color components alignment (re-mapping) capability, LUT-based contrast enhancement module. There are several processing options available already in the camera, e.g. horizontal and/or vertical anti-aliased re-scaling – allowing the user to get images in resolutions different from the native optical resolution.
The LC7KT works with general Camera Link-based frame grabbers in Base or Medium configuration and with BAP Image Systems engines (IE5G_SS). BAPis Image Processing Boards support two camera inputs serviced in parallel at the same time. All necessary image processing functions can be customized using the open interface.
This solution can be implemented in different paper transport systems to scan images up to 670 ppm DIN A4 format at 200 dpi.